Vitalik boycotting Coindesks 2018 conference

VITALIK is boycotting Coindesk’s 2018 Consensus conference and strongly recommends others do the same. 

Yesterday (26th April) Vitalik Buterin tweeted a list of questionable behavior from the cryptocurrency news site coindesk.

Pointing out there complacency towards giveaway scams, ignorance when covering EIP999, poor reporting policies and finally he refused to contribute to “That level of rent seeking”.

Shortly after this announcement OmiseGO also announced that they would not be attending the conference.

Citing that Coindesk’s behavior is bigger than just one error. Failure to use proper due diligence when reporting on token projects is directly harmful to both the readers and users of the technology.

This marks another stain on Coindesks reputation which as other twitter users were quick to point out has not been up to the best standard.